I Am a Thrill Seeker

I AM Statement: “I AM the adrenaline challenger, constantly in pursuit of extraordinary adventures that quicken the pulse.”

Heli Supercar

Experience the ultimate thrill in Italian sceneries, both racing through landscape tracks in high-performance supercars and extending your track experience by visiting museums for a truly unforgettable adventure.

I AM UNICO Heli Paragliding e Hang-gliding

Heli Hang-gliding & Paragliding

Soar like an eagle, enjoying unmatched freedom and breathtaking views as you glide smoothly over stunning landscapes in complete safety.

Heli Skydiving

Embrace the adrenaline of skydiving from extraordinary heights, surrendering to gravity’s allure amidst the blue skies in Italy, with top safety measures ensuring an exhilarating yet secure experience.

I AM Thrill Seeker Heli SkyDiving
4. Heli Thematic Parks

Heli Thematic Park

Embark on an exciting day at themed immersive parks nestled in natural surroundings, promising memorable entertainment and adventure.

Heli Ballooning

Explore stunning views from a unique perspective through a breathtaking balloon flight above peaceful Italian landscapes, far from the crowded tourist paths.

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