I Am NAture Adventurer

I AM Statement: “I AM the nature adventurer, always pushing boundaries and seeking harmony with the great outdoors.”

Heli Cave

Embark on an adventure into Italy’s enigmatic caves, only reachable by helicopter. Within ancient limestone chambers, uncover secrets amidst stalactites and stalagmites, inviting intrepid exploration.

1. Heli Caves
2. Heli Botanic Gardens & Natural Parks

Heli Botanic Garden & Natural Park

Explore the authentic production and unique flavors of regional delicacies through exclusive, insight-rich experience.

Heli Orienteering & Survival

Discover secluded botanic gardens and natural parks, where fauna evokes a connection with nature’s timeless beauty.

3. Heli Orienteering & Survival

Heli Quad

Take on rugged terrains with a quad bike, navigating off-road trails that offer both challenge and spectacular views aplenty.

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