I Am Gourmet

I AM Statement: “I AM the epicurean explorer, savoring the world’s most exclusive flavors and settings.”

Heli Star Chef & Gourmet Cuisine

Savour dining transcendence in stunning Italian locations, prepared by world-renowned chefs, blending innovation and tradition and creating a symphony of exquisite flavours.

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I AM Gourmet Heli Taste Itineraries Oil Tasting

Heli Taste Itinerary

Discover the Italian gastronomic treasures through a culinary journey revealing authentic flavours and creating a strong connection with the traditional heritage of Mediterranean cuisine, appreciated all over the world.

Heli Wine Tasting

Embark on a journey of sensory delight with private wine tastings, exploring the rich narratives into prestigious vineyards, savouring each varietal flavours and heritage.

3. Heli Wine Tasting
4. Heli Truffle Experience

Heli Truffle Experience

Celebrate the rarity of this coveted delicacy with sensory quests, unveiling treasures hidden in Italian woodlands, followed by private dining on truffle-infused dishes.

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